The Big Day is Here. Apple Will Announce Today Their New Line Up for iPhone 15 and New Apple Watches

Today September 12th, 2023, at 1 PM EST Time, Apple will held this event called “Wonderlust” on Apple Campus at Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, California, according to Apple website


There is still a secret what new Apple Watches will look like and what new features will include. In last years we have heard rumors about new possible sensors, that will allow Apple Watches to track more important health information, but it is still not clear when they will finally be available, as all these developments require time and testing before being offered to the general public.


What we have heard so far is that the new Series 9 will keep a similar design as its predecessor Series 8 but will come with and updated hardware for better performance. However no major redesign is expected, but this is still a mystery, we will have to wait today to see.


Same situation will be for a SE 2nd Generation as until now looks like it is being renewed every 2 years so a major redesign will be available for 2024, now all this is just an speculation, nobody out of Apple circle know by sure


And finally, we have heard Apple Watch Ultra might come with some slight changes including a new redesign heart sensor, opening the doors for the 2nd generation of the highest end for Apple Watches


Again all information so far it is just ideas we have based on rumors and speculations, so for the final idea, lets watch today show at Apple website, Youtube or Apple TV, where can be seen live. We will be back later with a detail compare between new series and predecessors.


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