Yesterday Apple announced their new Series for Apple Watch, so they launched the New Apple Watch Series 9 and a New Apple Watch Ultra 2, meanwhile the Apple Watch SE 2ND Generation was not modified and will be the same as last year.


What is NEW on these Series 9?


As expected there was not going to be a major redesign, on any of them, and the modifications can be sum up in few main points


1. A brighter display: Series 9 will have a Display that can reach up to 2000 nits, that is double compared with previous Series 8 which could reach up to 1000 nits. On the other hand Ultra Display will be able to reach up to 3000 nits 50% higher compare with the first generation which could reach up to 2000 nits.


     This is good on very light and shiny environments, however as an user for Series 7, 8 and Ultra, personally i never had issues with this.


     Also the screen could reach a minimum of 1 nit so will be good for very dark environments.


2. A better chip and processor, the new Series 9 and Ultra will come with the S9 chip which according with it is "more capable, intuitive, and faster. The new dual-core CPU has 5.6 billion transistors — 60 percent more than the S8 chip. A new four-core Neural Engine processes machine learning tasks up to two times faster".


3. Now Siri is processed inside your watch so simple task as request a workout, will be processed faster and new commands will be available as asking for your health.


4. A new double tap function, when you tap your index finger with your thumb, will activate some commands as answer a call, hang up, stopwatch, and more...  however this has been a little criticized on social media by different users because these hand gestures has been already part of before generations, however lets wait until October when they will officially launch this for Series 9 and Ultra 2,


5. HomePod integration with a second generation ultra wideband chip which will enable new integrations.


5. A new color!, the pink color is coming back to Apple Watch


There are other small difference, but these for 5 points are the major ones, which can be sum-up on brighter screen and faster chip (which will allow new extra features).


How much will cost Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2?


Prices will be same as before generations


Series 9 41mm GPS Version $399

Series 9 45mm GPS Version $499

Series 9 41mm GPS + LTE Cellular Version $429

Series 9 45mm GPS + LTE Cellular Version $529


Will be also available a Stainless Steel Version 


Series 9 41mm GPS + LTE Cellular Version $699

Series 9 45mm GPS + LTE Cellular Version $749


Ultra Series 2 49mm GPS + LTE Cellular $799


SE 2ND Generation 40mm GPS Version $249

SE 2ND Generation 44mm GPS Version $279

SE 2ND Generation 40mm GPS + LTE Cellular Version $299

SE 2ND Generation 44mm GPS + LTE Cellular Version $329


Should i Buy the New Apple Watch Series 9 or Ultra 2?


This is a very personal opinion and it is not an advise, but if you want to have the newest version yes you can buy it, you will get some extra features, but as a real technology inside the watch there is no much to add that average people will really use and justify the expense.


A Series 7 is still a very good option compared with Series 8 and 9, just missing a temperature sensor and other specs, but as a watch in general for what mostly people will use, it is already good enough.


I used to buy new products like this in the past, but ever since we started to buy used devices, i realized that you can buy used almost like new for a fraction of the price, and will work same as new, so i would go for a second hand Series 7 or 8 (if you coming from older versions and want to upgrade) before buying a 9 at this moment, or maybe wait for the new Series 10 on 2024 which is expected to have a full redesign (however we do not know this, it is just rumors)


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